About Acts Church

God has given all of us, as individuals, different gifts, abilities, and interests. Each one of us is unique in his or her own way. The Church is the Body of Christ and His Body is expressed in many local bodies. Each expression of the Body of Christ reflects the gifts, abilities, and interests of the people God has called to that local expression of His Body.

Acts Church is unique. We are a Body of Christ Followers who are dedicated to discipleship (learning, growing, and maturing to be more like Jesus Christ). We love the Word of God, the Bible. We love worshipping the King of Kings with our lives and in singing to Him together in our gatherings. We love people. We love art. We love using our minds and our hearts to serve God and to serve each other and the world. We love joining with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world to bring the good news that Jesus Christ gave His life and rose again. We can be saved from our sins and be in real relationship with God!

We love to meet new people who God is calling to be part of this local expression of the Body of Christ. We are very serious about following Jesus and we love being in community with other people who live out that same passion! Join us on a Sunday, or at a Life Group, or even online, to get a better feel for who we are, how we are unique, and ask God if He is leading you to be part of this Body. A local expression of the Body of Jesus Christ throughout time and all over the world. We love you. Give us a chance to serve you!