Acts Student Ministries

Young People are so important to Christ's Church! No young person should be sent out into this fallen world without a strong community, and a strong foundation in the Truth of God's Word. Christ's Church must train the young people we have been gifted. There is a war going on for the souls of the young people in our world. The world and the culture want to dominate and conform our young people into lost children of the world. But we have a better way! The way of our Lord and our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

We are training up young people in the way they should go. The narrow way. The right side up way. The Scriptures are our teacher and we revere the Scriptures. Our young people need to learn the Bible and receive the love of the Community of Christ Followers.

We have fun, and we support and teach our young people. We train them in the Scriptures, in the Truth, and in how to defend the faith against those who would seek to conform their thoughts and actions to seek worldly lusts and desires. This may sound intense, and it is. But anything less is not loving or caring for our youth.

Our students get together on Wednesday evenings, with a group of leaders and volunteers, all of whom have been background checked, to learn, to grow, to be supported, and to have some fun!

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